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Ionicwear Ladies V-Neck Sportswear





Need a dry-fit performance tee to get you through your workout? Ionicwear’s range of performance sports T-shirts for men delivers a soft feel, sweat-wicking performance and great range of motion to get you through your workout in total comfort. The Ionicwear mens T-shirt helps you stay cool and comfortable in the tropical, humid weather of Singapore. Whether it is for outdoor activities or hitting the gym, it is the perfect T-shirt that every sports enthusiast needs to own.

Made with Ionicwear cotton, the softer-than-cotton fabric material wicks perspiration away from your skin to help keep you dry and comfortable. Ionicwear cotton has been enhanced with technology to give it its moisture wicking properties, and does not absorb moisture like untreated cotton. It moves sweat away from the body and to the fabric surface, where it evaporates. The name Ionicwear was derived from the making of the fabric, often described as an “ionic process”.

Ionicwear cotton is a high-performance fabric that repels water without sacrificing breathability. We have put it to the test – water rolls right off the fabric. Any water residue on its surface quickly dries up. A soft, breathable and quick-drying cotton that does not retain moisture.
The built-in Nanofiber technology allows efficient air flow and ventilation, which helps to quicken the evaporation of sweat on the fabric surface. Its anti-odor function prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. A quality T-shirt that clings to your body like second skin, it is a classic staple in any man’s wardrobe looking for a comfortable, trusty sports T-shirt that promises to not disappoint in the stifling heat.

The soft and supple Ionicwear Cotton fabric contours your body as you exercise or workout. It moves with the motion of your body. The stretchable, ultra-lightweight and cool-to-the-touch material is the ideal sportswear to work out in or to hit the gym with. With its athletic and slim fit, it is the perfect sportswear to take along with as you push towards your fitness goals.

In no time, it delivers an ultra-lightweight feel and superior performance, taking it beyond basic to downright essential.

Ionicwear’s line of performance T shirts comes in a range of different colours and sizes. We offer sizes from S to 3XL – please refer to our size chart to find your fit. If you prefer a looser fit, get a size up. There are a few colours to choose from – The classic Matte Black, the neutral Space Grey, the calming Deep Blue, the bright Crimson Red and more. They are available in the classic round neck design and the sporty V neck style, whichever you prefer. These tops are minimalist and easy to match. They are also great as undershirts – fitted, next-to-skin without the squeeze. Each tee features a weaving pattern, if you prefer more than a plain tee.
It also features ergonomic seaming that matches the contours of the body for smooth, non-restrictive movement and comfort.
The Ionicwear Tshirt is a classic for any runner or gym enthusiast. It also doubles up as an everyday T shirt and keeps you looking fresh with its minimalist design. Stay at the top of your game in this fitted performance T-shirt from Ionicwear.